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Maid For Plaid

Kelly is such a super-sexy hottie that it's easy to forget she's still in her teens here. In her little plaid skirt, she looks like such a sweet young thing. But as youthful as she is, Kelly's got the needs of a woman and she satisfies them right before your very eyes when that skirt comes off and her hands go a' wandering! Read More »
Featuring: Kelly Kay
Date: August 28th, 2010
Duration: 13:45

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Kelly is the best!!!! So sexy perfect body amazing tits!!! Beautiful face just gorgeous!!! Could suck her tits for hours!!!! Really enjoyed her fingering her pussy would enjoy licking her finger & pussy!!!! Would love to have been in that bed with her especially when she was on her all fours perfect to do anal with her while playing with her beautiful tits!!! Also enjoyed when she spread her pussy lips a beautiful view!!!! Made me cum multiple times !!!!THANKS!!!!
8 years ago 
Love your big boobs Kelly

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